Weekend Reads: Easter Weekend

As a 33 year old single lady, I have a hard time watching Bridget Jones, reading any of her books, or whatever. Too close to home, honestly. But. I can't wait to see the latest movie. The corresponding book I wasn't a fan of (ugh, how could you do that Helen Fielding?!), but this movie apparently has nothing in common with the book, so I'm stoked. Will you see it? Maybe I should watch the original this weekend... though I'm spending it at my mom's, which seems like it could be slightly depressing. Ha. What are you up to this weekend?

Reads for the weekend:

Precycling I'm into it. (NYTs) The climate is changing faster than scientists realized. (via Slate)

This story had me in tears I was laughing so hard. It's a little gross, a lot awkward, and 100% hysterical. (via Buzzfeed)

Monday was World Poetry Day (via HuffPo) These Pinterest boards are mesmerizing (via Kottke) This ad guy's creative side hustle is pretty impressive. Particularly for hip hop peeps. 

In honor of more spring cleaning (March theme alert!), what happens when you donate books to the Library? (via Book Riot) Tips to unsubscribe from Junk Mail (via Reading my Tea Leaves)  

Beautiful Kitchen Redesign (via DesignSponge)

"An apple you pick up at your local supermarket is, on average, 14 months old. By the time you sink your teeth into it, it has lost most of its nutritional value." WHAT? This article about food innovation by Ideo and Target at MIT is pretty interesting. (via FastCo)

As a redhead, do you think blonde or brunette eyebrow stuff is the right color? (via Glossier)

Q: What is Boaty McBoatface? A: The reason why you can't let the internet decide things (and when you do, they turn into hysterical messes, ha). (via NYTs)

An interesting, personal, David & Goliath story about what happens when the medical system fails. (via Boston.com) Really interesting look at a company in the midst of testing a pharmaceutical that could work on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. (via PBS)

Interesting interview with my old professor, Jenny Boylan (via Cosmo) Women tennis players ride no one's coattails. (via NYTs) Five iconic female photographers (via Lomography/ via Kottke) This woman swam to Greece and is now competing to be on the refugee team for the Olympics. Amazing. (via Take Part) This is funny. (via BookRiot) As is this hashtag #90sabook. (via Mashable)

Take me to Wyoming (via AdWeek) And Oregon (via AdWeek) Official pictures of POTUS in Cuba (via Medium)

Have you ever wondered what Ron Weasley is up to in real life? It's pretty awesome. (via Tickld)

Finances have been on my mind lately--a lot of friends are buying houses / moving or going on awesome trips. I have 3 bank accounts, but I love the way this person does it--she has four: Activities, Bills, Crisis, and Dream. My Crisis and Dream accounts are one in the same--I often raid it now that I have a car, and I shouldn't! I think I just might need to add another savings account to my list. (Also, I have a 401K that I actively save into, so technically... I guess I have four accounts, but that's not in the spirit of the article) (via The Everygirl)


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