10 Things to do Inside

I saw this post from Apartment Therapy about things to do at home besides watching TV because... yes you guessed it, Boston is getting another blizzard! (It might be time to think about Shipping the snow, Yo)

1. Organize your bookshelves
I started doing this on Monday. My friend Lily and I met in the park so I could try my new Cross Country skis out and then went to my place for hot cocoa. I was a little bit upset with myself for not having the cutest apartment--it used to be great! Now it's kind of messy and packed. I've been organizing a couple shelves an evening and trying to make them look purposeful rather than messy and lack luster. It's making me happy. Next up, the mantel.

2. Face mask!!!
When you're stuck at home in the winter your skin could use a little love, why not do a face or hair mask? You can make one yourself, grab one at CVS or Sephora on your way home, or order one from Amazon, you'll have the time and your skin will surely thank you.

3. Write a letter
I always write thank you notes (even for silly things) and I'd like to start sending more snail mail. It is the best to open your mailbox and see a real note from someone saying something like that recipe you sent me worked like a charm! or I'm still dreaming of the ice cream sundae you made when I was over the other day. or I can't get that song you recommended out of my head. or just I've been thinking of you The end of the day is a nice time to reflect and jot a short note out to someone, you can mail it the next day and know they'll smile when they see it.
I make it a point to go to the post office and wait at the window so I can get cool stamps like Harry Potter themed ones, or Celebrity Chefs, or Edward Hopper stamps--they all cost the same! Might as well get cute ones (I might have to go grab those Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin ones today, SO cool!). I grab silly, sweet, cool,  cutefunny, witty cards when I see them and think they're worth it (what is with the expensive cards these days, btw, a $6 card is just cray). I just got some metallic sharpies the other day to use on my next card. Sometimes it's even just a sentence or two but it can really brighten someones day and make them smile!

4. Cook something elaborate
Last snow day I tried to make this babkalah. Sadly, my dough didn't rise (I'm buying new yeast and trying again). Bread is fun to try, making pasta from scratch, cooking your veggie scraps to make a broth smells divine, take the time to make a fun flavor of waffle. Just find something that looks good, but complicated, and you'll spend your day making something you can later enjoy and share and be super proud of.

5. Read a book
I know, I know; you knew this was coming. But I've not been loving my books lately and I just got Americanahfrom the library and am LOVING it (20 pages in). When you find one you love, it's so nice to make a cup of tea, sit down on your couch with a cozy throw blanket and loose yourself in a book. I find myself reading Buzzfeed articles and NYTimes articles, and quick links from Facebook so much that the opportunity to read something in depth and gripping is really nice.

6. Call the friend you've not been calling because you're afraid the phone call will take 10 hours
You know that friend. The one you Love with a capital L, the one that you have let a little too much time go between calls and then it compounded and now it's this epic insane call where you have so much to discuss like 4 new books she just has to read, 2 Netflix shows you stayed up all night watching, the fact that you now have a crush on the guy who shovels your driveway, that awesome new chicken recipe you made last week, the fact that you're pretty sure you have Ebola yet have never been to West Africa, whether you should buy new throw pillows, the state of your family, the state of your gray hairs, how you just wish Jon Stewart had a little brother who was a clone and could take over from him and not be burned out, discuss the pros/cons of a car in the city, squeal over some puppy videos. etc. JUST DO IT. You'll feel so full of love afterward, it will be like sipping coffee that is the perfect temperature.

7. Frame some photos
If you're like me you have a stack of photos that should probably be framed. You have the frames. You have the photos. You just can't quite get the energy up to finagle the tricky back off of the frame and insert the photo in a non crooked way. Just do it. Trust me.

8. Play a game
Ok, ok. I stole this from Apartment Therapy's list, but it is SUCH a good one! If you have someone to play with a game is the perfect antidote to the TV. Here are a couple good ones: Apples to Apples Party BoxCards Against Humanity (for the daring), Head's Up (iPhone app but it's interactive), a 500-Piece Puzzle (not impossibly hard, not too easy), Monopoly Board Game, Sorry!, or Cribbage.

Ugh, sorry. I had to. My friends are all doing the (impossible) Plank Challenge, I had to put it in here. Then you'll deserve that after dinner cookie you've been eyeing or delicious item you've baked...

10. Do a Crossword Puzzle
I grew up doing the crossword puzzle. It goes like this--I try to do as many as I can for as long as I can, then I hand the puzzle off to my mom and she finishes it. She is a WIZARD. But it's a really fun project, just don't let yourself cheat tooooo terribly often. My favorite ones are in New York Magazine, they're doable-- not easy (People) not impossible--(Saturday Times).

Bonus: Take a luxurious bath
Pour a little bath oil in, add some bubbles, and relax and soak the day away. You'll feel indulged and a little bit pampered, which is how we all deserve to feel every once in a while.


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