Big Screen: Finding Vivian Maier

I rented Finding Vivian Maier onDemand this weekend. It was only $3 for the SD version and I've been wanting to see it, so it seemed like the perfect time to indulge a little.

I was really interested in the story that's almost a mystery. This guy bid on a box of negatives. Thought they were special. Shared them online and they blew up. That led to his investigation of the artist, this woman who took such beautiful images but was such a private recluse. She seems like quite the odd duck--an affected accent, a probable difficult  upbringing that likely had trauma, but she forged her own path--got a job that let her follow her heart and passion--photography. I really enjoyed this investigation into an artist, a recluse. It was sometimes a little jarring, but always interesting.

This article about difficult women and Vivian Maier in particular was really interesting after watching the film.

Definitely worth $3. ;)


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