Music: Beck vs. Beyonce Mash Up

I'm a fan of Beck! I haven't thought about him in a million years, but I do agree with the people saying he's a true musician. He has a specific sound, he's intellectual and emotional in his pursuit of art. I think he's great. However, I love Bey. Queen Bey's album was just so great this year. (I also love T Swift's, but that is beside the point of this post). Honestly, anyone in the best album category deserves the award, so I am happy to present you with this song that mashes two of the artists who were nominated for album of the year together. Not songs from their albums, but still, I love where this went.

Now, could someone possibly add Taylor to this mix? (And then maybe Pharrell and Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran, too?)

Happy V-day, loser singles compadres ;)


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