Weekend Reads: Sledding

I'm excited for this upcoming weekend--lots of time with friends, celebrating my mom's birthday, and another glorious day of blizzarding. I got a text message this week from my mom that said "EMERGENCY!!!" which made me worried since I had just been trying to talk her into getting someone to shovel off her roof. It was followed by "I just found your sled in your closet." #shegetsme She's actually getting the gas station to fill up my sled before bringing it into the city for her birthday tomorrow. Rad. What has your mom done for you lately?

How to fall asleep, fast I've tried this all week b/c I've been having anxiety about HS reunion planning (not a joke) and letmetallya it WORKS.

How other fictional characters are responding to Scout's return (jealous jerks)

Did you see the Grammys? How great was Annie Lennox?

SNAPE! We sorta love you. Despite your evil exterior

This imaginary meeting of ex girlfriends is hilarious

Oh, Jon Stewart. So sad to see you go, so happy to have these and these to look back on

These Ikea's ads are self-deprecating, and I like it

Have you guys heard about this 16 year old soccer phenom? He's playing for Real Madrid. I'm not a huge soccer fan, but I love the idea of this kid having such great mentors and coaches on the team that bred Messi

Why do Xs signify kisses?

How does global "warming" equate to giant snowstorms in Boston? Here's how. (This is so interesting!)

Adnan Syed has the opportunity to appeal. I'll be so interested to follow this case and see what happens. I wonder how long it will take to go back to court?

This story of a Target employee helping a teen about to go on a job interview is really sweet! Tears!

Do a security check of you Google account by Feb 17 and they'll gift you 2GB of storage in your Drive account! #worthit

This new Instagram Account is everything. (Hot Dudes Reading?!?! Yes, please! Also, I actually know the guy reading Silkworm, we worked at Random House together and he is pretty amazing :) )

These photos of Owls are STUNNING. And shockingly calming. Especially for a card carrying member of the seagull-haters club

This looks like such a great Valentine's Day present, sweet and fun and thoughtful

Girls motivating girls, I just love Ellie Goulding and her health philosophy. Not only is she a singer, but she's a runner

Did you see the sad news the David Carr passed away? Here are some lovely quotes to remember him by.

Jk Rowling is a madd genius


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