Weekend Reads: Digital Friendships

I love these new ads from Facebook. (Thanks Gretchen for introducing me to country music in college and Beamer for introducing me to Indian food, and all my ladies for being such great friends to me). Isn't it crazy that Facebook has been around for like, 11 years?
Sometimes I feel so lucky that I missed out on having Facebook in Instagram and all of that stuff when I was a kid--I can imagine how easy it is to hurt someone's feelings. Even now I worry about posting something that will make someone feel left out, even if that isn't the intention. But... it would be kinda nice to have all of those memories memorialized somewhere. I guess having them in my mind allows me to idealize them a little. I doubt I was as fun and carefree as I remember. Ha!
I especially love having so many tangential friends on Facebook. I love being able to sort of keep up with people I love or miss or think about but never see or talk to. How in the world would I stay in touch with exchange students we had in high school or that person who lived down the hall from me freshman year if not for Facebook? Technically those people aren't integral to my life, but I appreciate them and their presence in my little social media world. It makes the world feel a little smaller.

Happy Weekend!!

Did you watch the Oscars? I tried to see as many of the movies as I could, but still missed a few biggies. This post of Oscar movie nominees, by the charts is pretty funny and accurate and these poster remakes are really beautiful (and sent me down a Geoff Kim rabbit hole on the internet...)

I want to retire like this couple--what an adventure!!

Now, I'm not a big Van Halen fan or anything, but this article about the beginning of the end for the group is super interesting

An 8-year old girl is getting gifts from crows and it's pretty sweet

This op-ed by Mark Bittman is so on point, lobbyists shouldn't have any say into food guidelines!

This hilarious open letter to Leonardo DiCaprio on yet another Oscar loss (he produced Virunga) is great. And it's true. He is SO talented (one of my all time favorite actors), it's completely insane that he hasn't won an Oscar yet

This outfit is so cute and easy!

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is just the bees knees. I'd love it if she somehow became super human and never retired. She's so smart, thoughtful, tenacious... my kinda gal

I want this Otto Chemex. When I grow up and have a real home, I'm going to have a coffee station. Or a butler's pantry with electricity and stuff. It's going to be awesome.

Cutest Tae Kwon Doe white belt ever

Do dogs really look like their owners? Quiz

An interesting and inspiring look at how a couple paid off a ton of debt in two years

This article about the crash of MH 370 (the Malaysian Airline) and the author's unproven theories is kind of crazy, and also... kind of convincing!

A great article by the journalist featured in Virunga talking about changes since the movie's release

This made me laugh

Bee hive innovation is way more popular than I would have expected, and also kind of cool!!

How to get the J Crew model look

Penguin Books' British imprint is celebrating their 80th birthday by releasing 80 Kindle books for $1 in a new series called Little Black Classics. The website for the promotion is totally cool.

The science behind the dress everyone is fighting about


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