Weekend Reads: looking ahead

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Is anyone else feeling as crazy as I am this week? I just can't seem to keep up! Even after having Monday off. I feel like I'm busy in preparation for things, for the future, which is nice after having so much snow around me. I'm planning my high school reunion and it's going to be the weekend of July 4th--a big day in my hometown that's full of smiles and friendship and warm weather (hopefully). I'm asking college classmates to donate to the Colby Fund which feels both nostalgic and forward thinking at the same time, we're helping make our awesome experience possible for future generations of mules and I'm super jealous that they have 4 years to make friends, learn, all that good stuff. I'm putting a gift together for my new godson with my parents and getting him some books that he's too little for, looking forward to when I can share these special books with him and back to how much I loved them as a child. I'm paying my deposit for the beach club I've belonged to since I was a child--thinking about getting my toes in the sand and can't wait for that. What's been on your mind lately? Any fun future plans?

The story of how Monopoly was created

NASA is really doing a great job with it's social media. Seems like a pretty fun place to work! Especially if you're working among Jedis... :)

It's kinda crazy how one stupid tweet can ruin your life. I was fascinated with that article

Turn your instagrams into temporary tattoos!

I wish I was in NYC for this gallery of Joan Didion photos

A week late, but this study of conversational hearts is pretty cool

How Jon Stewart changed television.

Interesting, smart critique of Kanye (in support of him)

A scary article about plastic waste in the ocean

Joy the Baker's weekend food consumption, told adorably I just love her.

A non politician running for office to combat influence in politics and instead rely on data and research. Why does this feel so revolutionary?

A beautiful long read about a woman, her great grandmother who died in Auschwitz, the ongoing trials of Nazis, and the author's successful attempt to memorialize her with a Stolpersteine

The secrets behind making a Shake Shack burger (I wonder if it works with turkey, too?)

Reasons to love Nicki Minaj, that is one sassy chica

I want to go to NYC and eat all of these and also all of these


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