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This week has not been my week. For some reason I'm entirely off kilter. I'm tired, frustrated, and feeling a little bullied from all angles. I'm just ready for the good news--a project to go right, a good book to open up before me, a recipe to look like the photo and taste even better, a sweater to not be wrinkled when I grab it from the stack. I'm ready for a night where I leave work at 5:30, where the walk home isn't windy and single digits, a night where I don't forget to pick something important up at the grocery store (milk, cough medicine)... The struggle is real guys! I've been moaning to a couple friends and luckily they're all supportive and kind and boost me up when I need to bitch about a mean email that left me seething. I know I'm just in a funk and need to pull myself out of it, but man, I forgot to say Rabbit Rabbit on 2/1 and I think that was the beginning of my downfall.

TLC for the win! (Best thing ever)

Photos of women reading women authors

People. Apparently Boston is going to get 85 hours of continuous snow fall. What is happening?!!

This article about how scientists and the general American population's beliefs diverge is so interesting and leaves it to you to draw the conclusions

Best astronaut ever

This wi-fi is so smart! I'm tempted to pre-order it.

A Cambridge Igloo on Air B&B, ha!

How I also feel about Harper Lee's new book (excited and a little scared)

The history of loving to read: not tooooo long ago no one read for pleasure. How sad?!

How did Gucci loafers become THE shoe for generations? ($545?!?! WHOA)

Interesting article about red carpet fashion and the dumb questions actresses are expected to answer

When I really, truly needed a laugh, this Buzzfeed about being in your 20s made my shoulders shake while at work (and I'm not in my 20s, ha)

8 Historic women in the battle for Civil Rights

Beautiful story about a book that features couples who have been married for 50 years or more--perfect for the weekend before Valentine's Day!

I love seeing smart design for cities / city planning ideas that are out of the box and using closed Tube lines for bikes seems like such a great idea! I would love to see this actually come to fruition.


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