Cold weather, dry skin

As a girl living in the current snow globe that is Boston, I'm a lotion addict. I rent my apartment and the heat is pretty dry so I have lots of ways to combat dry skin and dry air. I have a humidifier on constantly, I moisturize my face in the morning and at night, I exfoliate, I have cuticle remedies, I take baths with oils, I religiously douse myself in lotion after showering and before bed... There's no end to combating the winter months when they just suck the moisture out of my Irish skin.

The worst part of dry skin for me is my heels. My elbows and knees could use some love, too, but honestly, my heels are my (wait for it) Achilles heel. HA! They are just prone to being dry, cracked, and generally don't look cute, happy, or healthy.

I was reading an interview with Latonya Yvette on Cup of Jo and was struck when she recommended a product for dry skin. (By the by, isn't she the CUTEST and most stylish woman alive? Wow). She recommends Wool Wax (which her mother in law recommended to her, recommendation chain!). I went to Amazon, saw that it was not super expensive ($5 ish) and immediately put that into my bag and 1-click checked out.

It arrived, and I've been using it since. And it is a miracle drug. It's not fancy, but it seriously quenches my parched heels. It's a thick, almost paste-y consistency. It's more like a butter than a lotion or cream. A magic paste.

Every night before bed (or... when I remember but at least a few times a week before bed), I scoop out some wax and lather it onto my feet. The amount in my hand above is not enough. You need about double that per foot, but you'll test and see what works for you. Warning: it's a little sticky until it soaks in, so it's a good idea to do it while sitting on your bed or on the side of the tub. Don't walk on a rug. Particles will stick. Gross. You can put socks on, wait for it to soak in before you get under your covers, or just jump right in if you wash your sheets every weekend (my preferred method).

Sit back (lay down), and let this stuff do it's job. I can't even tell you how much better my heels are, and my feet, and I use it on my elbows and knees, too. Magic.  I used to get pedicures hoping that the technicians would have some miracle drug, but now I know. I should have listened to Jo and Latonya. Pedicures, lotions, pumice, and scrubs have never gotten these results for me.

I highly recommend this for any people with parched skin.

Get it here:

Wool Wax Creme Skin Care Formula AT-10 9 oz. (Fragrance Free)


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