A new addictive Podcast

So, this post is not about music so I'm not titling it Monday Music, but it is about something to listen to.

Have you listened to any podcasts? I got really into Serial and occasionally delve into them when I want a little inspiration or entertainment. Cup of Jo recently talked about Limetown (in my opinion, a terrible name, but so it goes) and over the weekend I had an hour in my car so I listened to the first episode. 

It's a fictional podcast, so different than Serial in that it's a story, but! it's fashioned as a radio reporter looking into an incident that happened ten years ago so it has a similar feel. And it has a pretty compelling plot--ten years ago the entire population of a town vanished.The town, Limetown, was built in the middle-of-nowhere-Kentucky to study the human brain and right before the disappearance the people called 911 so there are recordings. This reporter, Lia Haddock, was younger and her uncle lived in the town. She set out to do a report about it 10 years after the incident. It's spooky. And a mystery--the first two episodes end of cliff hangers. People are describing it as X-files meets Serial and with only 2 episodes out, it's #1 on iTunes podcasts.

For those of you who haven't listened to a podcast before (hi, Mom!) here's a guide and here's a video

Or, "watch" it on YouTube (episode 1, episode 2)

Or, listen on SoundCloud
Whatever you do, just listen! My friends Ruth and Kristen and I have a group text message about this podcast. We can't quite figure out what the release schedule is like... if we do figure it out, I'll update you.


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