What to Watch: The Intern

This charming movie was wonderful. I popped in to see it with my friend Megan on Friday (opening night!) and the theater was so crowded that we had to sit in the front row. I had a slight headache from being so close, but even that can't dampen my excitement for the movie. It was wonderful. Heartwarming. Funny. Lovely. Endearing. Sweet. Kind. And just generally so watchable and fun--just like a Nancy Meyers movie (Father of the Bride, It's Complicated, Something's Gotta Give) should be. Basic premise: Anne Hathaway has a very successful e-commerce company and a young family. Robert DeNiro is a bored retiree. He joins a senior internship program at the company and works directly with Jules (Hathaway). They become friends. 

I laughed so hard at the interns (the cohort of young guys that surround Ben (DeNiro)), the sweet little daughter, the hijinks and kerfuffles. I loved seeing a smart, successful woman in a lead role. I cried and sometimes didn't even know why I was crying, but it just hit me right in the heart. I loved the story of the retiree because my parents are both in that What-the-Heck-am-I-Supposed-to-do-Now? stage. I loved the warm, multidimensional characters. 

I rate this one 10 out of 10. Go grab your tickets and have a girls night or mother daughter bonding session or date night. It's sure to please. 

I'm sure you've seen the trailer. It is wonderful and doesn't give everything away, but it does give you a good taste test for the movie.


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