Weekend Reads: Last gasp of summer

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It's fully September--chill in the air and everything. I'm holding onto the last vestiges of summer--the occasional temperature spike, the last, sweet tomatoes, the summer nights of sweaters over shorts, digging my toes in the sand to that warm layer underneath. I'm not ready to give it up. It's been harder to transition this year for some reasons, and I love fall. I just don't want to let summer go quite yet. Here's hoping for one last gasp. XX

Reasons Troop Beverly Hills is the best movie of all time. (Sorry Serena, TBH might be the GOAT... also can't believe Serena lost! Still proud of her, though. What an athlete!! And strong female)

One of my pet peeves is when someone texts me a question that they could easily Google. Like, you're texting me from a phone with the same capability. At a wedding the other weekend someone told me about this site Let Me Google That For You. (Someone just asked when Marc Zuckerberg's kid is due. COME ON. Click here for the example.)

Did you hear about the #cuteoff on Twitter? Scientists aren't just dorks. (via Upworthy)

Billie Holiday in concert? I'd see that! (via NYTs)

This tomato lentil salad looks unreal.

A pricing guide to the new iPhones (via Mashable)

A history of the Witches of Salem  (via The New Yorker)

I'm excited to check out the Boston Athenaeum tomorrow, don't worry, I'll report back

Gary Clark Jr's new album and the streamable album from Brittany Howard (of The Alabama Shakes) Thunderbitch

I kinda want to try this YSL watercolor nail polish--anyone tried it and loved it?

I saw Chelsea Clinton speak at a conference today--check it out for yourself. The stats about women's rights are unbelievable

And just two somber notes since it's 9/11 and it feels right,


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