Weekend Reads: One weekend in Maine

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The above photo was from where we picked up the lobsters--on a dock in York
at Fresh Off the Boat Lobsters. Highly recommended!

I spent last weekend in Cape Neddick, Maine. It's about an hour and a half from Boston, and was the perfect escape. My friends (sisters), grew up in a rambling Maine home with a giant wrap-around porch where their lovely, elegant, kind mom still lives. It's full of bedrooms and hidden nooks and crannies, it has a cozy little sitting area, a powder room that's hidden behind a stair case, a butler's pantry with place settings galore, a big dining room that comfortably sat all 11 of us when we had our lobster dinner, and it's right up the street from a beautiful Maine beach. The sand was soft, the beach was small, and there were pine trees and waves crashing. Since it might be my last beach day this season, I dove into the waves and got my hair wet (even though I had it blown out the evening before!), I pocketed a couple shells. I had coffee on the porch the next morning, and I full-blown-laughed at our evening game of "heads-up" (get the iPhone app, you won't be sorry). It was such a wonderful weekend and reminded me that Maine takes up a huge place in my heart. I'll always feel at home there. Here's hoping this weekend is lovely and restorative in your neck of the woods! 

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