Big Screen: The Imitation Game

I went to see The Imitation Game with my mom on the Friday after Christmas. It was really good! I'm very into movies about true events--and this one is historical, which is totally my jam (see my review of The Theory of Everything).

The story is about Alan Turing and his team of mathematicians at Bletchly during WWII trying to break Germany's code "Engima" during the war. While attempting to break the code, Turing basically comes up with a machine that does the thinking for them--and it's the first, real, working computer. (Basically the implement that I'm writing on right now is thanks to Turing--he inspired thousands to get into the field).This story is also about his sexuality. He's gay, which is illegal during his lifetime.

Turing likely is on the autism spectrum--Cumberbatch plays him that way throughout the movie and it was easy to believe. He was really successful playing the single motivation, anything to get to the answer kind of guy. He really was unlikable--even as you were rooting for him.

Keira Knightly was excellent. She plays a brilliant woman who Turing tries to hire as one of his mathematicians. Her parents are old fashioned and don't want her to join the crew, but they think of a way around it. She's the person who brings humanity to his character--she helps him figure out how to get the rest of the team to help him on his quest and believe in him. Eventually, they even get engaged. Knightly is wonderful--she breathes life into the story and brings humanity to the cause. She's a woman in a time that really didn't give much thought to women's intellect. She struggles between her obvious smarts and society and her family's ideas about what role women play. It's an interesting struggle to watch--and she does a great job of being the heart of the movie.

The supporting cast is also excellent. (I'm being lazy and can't look up Tom Branson from Downton's real name, or hottie mchotterson with the dark hair--both were excellent as was the younger boy who's brother is in the war).

I highly recommend this film! I did slightly prefer The Theory of Everything. I think the characters are just a little more accessible and the movie has a little more heart, they're a tick above Imitation Game in my opinion. However, that doesn't diminish how wonderful this movie really was.

I'm also inspired to learn more about Turing. Luckily, The Innovators is on my reading list!


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