Boston Pride

A beautiful video of Boston. I'm on Jury Duty today, so thought this was an appropriate post to share. Enjoy!!

(I wish they were a little better about not breaking the images with the tilt shift, but, I still love it. :))

I was talking to my dad last week about the Olympic bid from Boston and want to share my thoughts. So many people are annoyed and think it would be a travesty to have the Olympics in Boston b/c London was not great, Russia was not great, and the Olympics in Rio don't seem like they're going to be ready... and all went into a lot of debt over it. Also, the traffic concern is real.

I've thought about it and decided. I'm pro Boston Olympics. Here are my reasons:
1. I'm a huge fan of the Olympics! I love watching them, I love rooting for the USA. I love learning the back stories.
2. I think it's a great opportunity for Boston to think ahead, get our transit in order, and bring the city into the future while having a goal in mind. I like that it's giving our politicians and planners the opportunity to look to the future in a meaningful way. It's so easy to get stuck in the everyday issues and fire drills of running a city / state. Even if we don't win, I think this exercise is pretty cool.
3. The city really does have what the Olympic committee is looking for. Dorms to house athletes and press. Colleges with facilities that already exist and could probably use a sprucing! The city is walkable. The city has hotels and restaurants and history. It's really a great spot to feature, and while I think there will be money put into it, I think it's smart to use existing structures and augment them--and I think the Olympic committee does, too.
4. I'm generally a positive person, so I decided to look at this as an opportunity for the city. Being negative does no good for anyone! So, I say, let's get on board. It's only a month of influx of people. And imagine how great it will be to have all of those international people in the city! They'll bring their culture and it will be so neat to see how they react to being in Beantown. :)

I just hope we get a better mascot that Rio's. Ha!


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