Weekend Reads: A snowstorm is brewing!

A scan of a recipe from my grandmother--Mary--who was a great cook!

This was an odd week--I think I'll be able to say something about it next week, but it's been different for me--in a good way! I'm going to the theater tonight and am so excited!! Can't wait to be in the audience. With a snowstorm (not tooooo much snow) predicted for tomorrow, I'm excited to read a ton (cough, not yet done with my book club book and we're meeting on Sunday morning...), potentially cook something delicious, and catch brunch with the club while discussing the latest read. Should be a good one. What are you up to this week?

This look at Hippie fashion's evolution by 1969--complete with pictures of California HS students! So much fun to see.

If Hermione was the main character in Harry Potter

This woman had a bucket list for her terminally ill dog, and it's incredibly sweet

The next new addictive read, apparently

This Onion article about vaccines is so on point.

Along the same lines, "United States Senators stood up for what they believed in today—and it wasn’t pretty."

The puppy bowl line up has been announced. (They're pretty cute, but, so is Tom Brady... I'll have to flip back and forth to enjoy total cuteness quotient...)

How to fall in love with anyone (Anyone up for this challenge?! It's almost Valentine's day... I could use a partner in crime!)

Cooking tips from Bobby Flay

Why Adnan should have pled guilty. (Pled? Pleaded? How does this word work?!) I'm still so into Serial and want to understand how he was convicted, but this article shines a light on how inefficient and unfair the system is

Honest Out of Office messages (I came across this while looking for OOO Etiquette online and it made me laugh)

My friend Ashley won a photography contest. And her picture is UNBELIEVABLE of her trip to Myanmar last year (the one with the balloons)

Great uses for broccoli slaw (on a taco! So smart!!)

I just love Meryl Streep

And Emma Watson

How much more / less would you be making annually if we lived in 1979? SO interesting!

Toddler's eye view of NYC is beautiful

For you Bostonians, a Chef's guide to the South End

On a somber note, portraits of Auschwitz survivors, it's almost the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and I find these portraits so moving. The photos where the subject is holding a photo from their pre-internment years really have me in awe--looking at those little kids and their families, and everything they've been through in their lives. Thank god so many people came together to defeat evil.


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