Weekend reads: Snowy week, thoughtful week

I CAN FINALLY TELL YOU WHAT'S BEEN GOING ON IN MY LIFE for the past two weeks! I've been a juror on a trial, and we just deliberated. It has actually been an incredibly rewarding experience. Of course, a longer trial + snow days + commuting issues yesterday was just an absurd amount of time spent on / waiting for this case, but, I feel very empowered as a citizen and I am confident we made the right decision. Participating has been very affirming--I trust our system. Our jury trial system that started in England before the USA was even a country how impressive is that? I was really impressed with the other jurors, we all discussed in depth our questions, our concerns, the evidence, and made a decision based just on what happened in our view. It was a civil trial, not criminal, and I learned so much about the court system through this process. All in all, I feel like I'm an active participant in our community and country since being on a jury, and it's a very good feeling. Next time you go to jury duty, get excited, it could be you contributing to our community next time. It certainly didn't feel like a chore.

The snow was crazy this week in Boston:

I know this is silly, but I love Biggie, and I love Serial. And it really does work...

Somehow I forgot to share the best hug in the world with you guys last week. (RBG is my spirit animal!!!)

Dress your kids like your favorite children's book character (slash, I feel like I might show up to work as Amelia Bedelia one day this week...)

A hilarious rebuttal to last week's questions to make you fall in love. These are questions to make you fall out of love. Ha!

A great list of modern classic picturebooks for everyone on the baby shower scene or with littles who need some good stories

Have you guys seen the McDonald's sign commercial? Here's a hilarious spoof.

I love Eddie Huang. And this article he wrote about his memoir being turned into a sitcom went in a direction I could not have foreseen, and I loved it.

I want a new keychain and my heart is set on a vintage plastic motel key fob. I want it to say "Maine: the way life should be" or something equally dorky and lovely. And all I can find are silly tongue in cheek ones! Wah.

6 ways to style a scarf--time to change it up!!

How to make your bed (these things always inspire me!)

This bright, bold lip and cheek color is so pretty

These thinsulate lined boots are tempting--they're cute and must be warm!

Tim Smyczeck is #112 in tennis, but a #1 sportsman

A beautiful story about math (I promise) and an unsolvable problem solved


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