Weekend Reads: Happy New Year!!

Black Ink on Charles St. Taken with my new camera!!

This year, my resolutions are as follows:
-Save more money
-Bring lunch to work at least 4 times a week
-Find a PCP in Boston (so I don't have to go to Manchester every time I need to see a doctor!)
-Learn to use my new camera
-Finally apply for an MBA program
-Read 52 books

What are your goals for 2015?

Here are some fun things I've seen around the web:

I want to live in this house designed by Amber Interiors

This video of the song Hey Mami is great

I love the annual best photos from the White House official photographer

Before Google, there was the library and librarians (who still rule and are basically human google machines)

The physics of blue eyes and eye color (I swear, it's super interesting)

Printable goal sheets for new year / new goals

Maggie Smith's best one liners from Downton, in GIF form

The Oxford Comma dilemma as discussed on twitter (I'm pro OC, love the comma)

Ever wonder about the piece of paper at the top of Fage? Answer!

A cover of Blank Space that's really good!!


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