Weekend Reads: Long weekend

Newbury Street on a snowy day

I'm excited for my plans this long weekend--I'm seeing a movie with my new friend Megan on Sunday (although, we have to plan carefully so we can also watch the Patriots game :))--we're Oscar chasing and probably going to see American Sniper, Into the Woods, or Birdman. I'm meeting my old friend Katie for a spin class and then going to a new doughnut cafe--that's totally fair, they cancel each other out! Tomorrow night I'm headed to dinner with two couples I really love, but first we're having drinks at one of their apartments and they have a super cute Golden! I'm hoping to sleep in late every morning, and if not, then I'll just read in my bed. I'm reading The Kingdom of Ice for book club, and also reading Brown Girl Dreaming (YA) on the side. Hopefully it's a low-key-in-a-fun-way long weekend. What are you up to? What are you reading?

This made me laugh out loud

Antibiotic paydirt: as a girl who constantly has a cold, it makes me happy that they're making breakthroughs in the study of the common cold (my latest and greatest cold is on the wane!!)

Best Ball Boys in the World (I'd take Super Teddy home with me...)

If I had a husband, I'm sure I'd hate him for 10 minutes a day, healthily, too

Two climbers free climbed El Capitan in Yosemite. Insane. Jorgeson said of their feat: “I hope it inspires people to find their own Dawn Wall, if you will. We’ve been working on this thing a long time, slowly and surely. I think everyone has their own secret Dawn Wall to complete one day, and maybe they can put this project in their own context.”

Just a couple badass, historical women to look up to (swearing in linked article)

My friend Ashley just send me this article. I love it. It goes perfect with the above link. (swearing in linked article)

Some good long reads from Medium

Free speech is such a heated topic, but I believe in it absolutely. NPR did a write up following the Charlie Hebdo attacks focusing radical Islam's extremist threats since the Fatwa against Salman Rushdie

A really pretty (and free!) printable 2015 calendar

This beautifully designed envelope would be such a great present for a first time home owner!

Ship your enemies glitter (best start up ever, apparently the guy who started it is already trying to sell)

Foreign concepts (cultural concepts, that is): I thought this article about cultural concepts in foreign countries was really lovely and, even, inspiring!

Do you have trouble making plans? Breaking them? This article is hilarious.

Guys, double check things before you print them, especially when it's printed on a rug... In Dog We Trust.

I have to remember how important lighting is when I take my photography class in February!

24 things no one tells you about the publishing industry


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