Snow in Massachussetts

It's currently cold and windy in Boston. After a blizzard, it feels like a warning--snow still to come! We're supposed to get snow this weekend, another foot on Monday and perhaps later in the week! I grew up in MA and love the snow. So many people hate shoveling, or traffic, or the icky brown post-snow slush, but I love how it seems to calm to city down, make us become deliberate as we traverse giant snow banks to get to the other side, slows us down, makes us aware of our fellow pedestrians who might need help getting a stroller through a snow bank or jumping over the slush puddle. Snow storms remind us to enjoy the beauty of the city's architecture highlighted by the snow, to take note of the fun kids have sledding in the park or building a snowman, it gives us the chance to take a day to appreciate  our city's ability to come together and weather (and even enjoy!) the storm. We have great services we can rely on--police, firemen, city planners, energy officials. We have great neighbors who will help you shovel or bring some chili over. It's actually pretty fun if you let yourself enjoy it!

Here are some shots of the city in the snow. Isn't is beautiful?


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During the blizzard:

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And the aftermath:

I had my own snowfort had a great video montage of the aftermath

Giant snow banks on Beacon and snow in the Public Garden

Beacon Street from the park

Beacon Street Mess

Charles Street Snowman

Digging out

Back home

Ever wonder why it seems so quiet when it snows? It's because it actually is quieter thanks to snow making it harder for sound waves to bounce.

So much snow and so many icicles are falling in Boston. Here's how to safely remove snow from your roof


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