Weekend Reads: Brrrr! It's cold in here! There must be some arctic freeze in the atmosphere

A photo from my new camera!! 

Guys. It is not warm. Remember a couple weeks ago when it was Christmas and I was wearing a vest not a jacket? Yeahhhhh. That's unthinkable right now. I made soup this week that wasn't that great. But, I made steel cut oats that were sublime. Making a big batch, prepping the ball jars on Sunday night, making little baggies or cups of dried sour cherries or raisins or dates, walnuts or pecans, a little flaked coconut, and then, I'm all set for the week. SCO are hearty and delicious and satisfying, and not full of sugar and crazy stuff for you. I highly recommend it if you're in a breakfast rut! You can grab them and run in the morning without much thought, which is nice on those cold days you just want to curl up in bed for 5 more minutes.

Here are some reads for your cozy (hopefully) weekend:

I keep my veggie scraps in a baggie in the freezer and use them to make delicious stock. I've been doing this for about a year, and it's SO worth it! I just used the last of my freezer stock to make soup.

Sam Smith sings Beyonce in the shower. I wonder if he takes requests... Wilson Phillips anyone?

Books to look forward to in 2015 more

How to load your dishwasher (oddly beautiful graphics!)

Follow-up to my Imitation Game review: NPR article on the tragedy of Turing's suicide

Ira Glass inspires tons of people with this interview

Joan Didion is the new face of Celine, how cool is that?

Shared laundry etiquette

These cleaning tips all sound so good... I might have to incorporate some into my routine!

I'm tempted by this hat

Food predictions for 2015 by Bon Appetite That grapefruit liquor is verrrrry interesting...

Which Kardashian are you? (I'm Kourtney) Despite my parent's dislike of the K's, I actually kinda love them.

6 ideas for creative types to succeed

Best doughnuts in Boston. Time for a taste test?

Did you watch Downton on Sunday? I did. And I'm hooked. I kept thinking, this is the year that it will go downhill for me, but nope. Sucked right in. And here's an awesome timeline of how real history and Downton pair up from the NYTimes. Good stuff. (Confession: I'm starting to like Edith.)

Did you see that Zuckerberg is starting a book club? ERRY OTHER WEEK PEEPS. (Too bad he's not single.)

Gotta love a girl with attitude who can type

Christoph Niemann is such a great artist, and I love that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is putting him to work to help explain how vaccines work in a simple animated GIF story

My MacBook Pro is getting old... it's almost 5. I'm excited to hear this rumor of a 12" Macbook Air! now I have to start saving...

Zeke, the banker, is getting antsy (but will likely die of dysentery): Oregon Trail is back


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