iPhone 6: Cases and klutziness

I've been remiss. I've been due for an upgraded phone since the new iPhone came out but I hate braving the hordes and my phone was fine. Until last night. When I realized that the glass was coming away from the actual phone and I could see into the inner workings of my phone. NOT SAFE. I was heading for an Edith-like fire. Time to upgrade, up-grade me! (Casually sung to Beyonce, obviously).

(I'm using photos to illustrate since this is a long, *but GOOD, just hold on,* story)

The reason I was so conflicted (read: lazy) about upgrading my phone is that I heard it would change my family plan and I was not up for that. My sister apparently spent like 6 hours on the phone with AT&T once and figured it out. She said I needed to go for the "Next" plan (which the person at Apple kept calling "financing" but I think it just means you're not re-upping for a 2 yr contract). I basically pay the price of the phone over 12 months instead of all at once. Mobile carriers are sneaky little devils, so I wanted to be sure I was doing it right. I backed my phone up to my computer the night before.

I headed to the AT&T store on Boylston St. at lunch. I waited. This super nice guy helped me. I said I want the middle size in the gray and black (better in phone cases that are translucent, in my opinion). I then had to call my Mom and get her to add me to the account as an authorized profile. Blah. After going to the back like 11 times, we figure out that they don't have any of the middle size in the medium size (64G). So they tell me to go to the Apple store down the street. Couldn't you have told me that before I started waiting for help? Like, oh Kaitlin, you said you want to upgrade your phone? If you're interested in the 64G size, we actually are all out. So sorry! Nope. Nope, they could not.

I go to the Apple store down the street. And I wait. And read. And then a nice woman named Jen helps me. I need my sister's SSN and zip code. Blah. I fill out approx 1 million forms (ok, more like 3). We walk through everything. She brings out the new phone. She prints forms. She is super nice.

She hands me the new iPhone in the box so I can open it.

I start to open it quickly, at this point, I want to get back to work ASAP.

As I pull the top of the box off, I see her cup her hands below the box and think, hm, why? I watch as the phone tumbles out of the box and the corner catches the very stylish cement floor at just the right angle. SMASH.

Yes. Before even turning the darn thing on, I smashed it. Jen said "that's always been my nightmare scenario."

APPLE! For a company so intent on designing everything to be user friendly, maybe you could add something to hold the phone in the box so I have to remove it rather than just slipping out and dangerously?!

Luckily, Apple was super nice and set me up with another since I hadn't even HELD that phone. My lunch break was approx 1.5 hours. YIKES. Oh well. I had my old phone and was emailing on that while waiting around.

So, this has me hot to get a great phone case. Some brands have cases out for the 6. These are some of the options:

This dotted one from Society 6 is tempting $35

Cute, preppy case from Society 6 $35

This Lily inspired case is fun for the summer, $14

For when you need a blingin' case, this Casemate doesn't disappoint, although it's a little pricier at $50

This graphic one would be easy to find in my purse/dungeon of darkness $19

Hahaha, this might be a little silly, but I like the whimsy in having dinos on your case. $15

Kate Spade always has a nice case or two to choose from and this one does the job in a sophisticated way. $40

I'm disappointed! I usually get a J Crew or Madewell case, and I just don't love their options. Oh well.


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