The weather outside is frightful: 5 oversized scaves to keep you warm

I'm afraid of  the weather outside. Literally.

It's so cold that on my walk to work I often put my glasses in my pocket because they freeze. And putting something frozen on my face is not something I'm interested in. Even if it means I'm less blind (I'm saying that even though I was walking to work last week, sans glasses, and almost stepped on a giant, frozen mouse that was splayed out in the middle of Newbury Street. I screamed, grabbed the stranger who happened to be next to me. And was shaken for the rest of the day.)

I've been on a quest to find a mitten that's lined in thinsulate. It doesn't have to be cute, just not  I'm having zero luck. I blame this on the iPhone and everyone's obsession with texting while walking. You can keep texting, I'd prefer not to have frostbite, thankyouverymuch.

These Manzella Kula ($45) are pretty much the only option (and inside, they have fingers! They're not even true mittens!):
Everything else was either too loose of a knitdidn't have the lining I need, or were just absurd. They kind of look like boxing gloves, but, what can you do? Have you seen any cute pairs out there I should know about before committing to these?

I have, oh, about a thousand scarves. But seriously, there's nothing better than a cozy scarf to protect you from the wind (Boston is actually the 4th windiest city in the US), keep you warm at work (why is my office so chilly?!) and generally make you happy. I was on a Gap scarf kick--cheap, wash well, soooo cozy--but I'm not loving their colors this year and it's time for me to branch out. I've been thinking about getting an oversized scarf. Talk about cozy! Here are some options I've been considering:

This ASOS beauty is nice and neutral gray with a pretty stripe and rings in under $40 at $37.90.

Another one from ASOS is this pretty moss colored scarf--I could huddle in this an be a warm happy camper.Also $37.90

I can't actually tell if this Zara Scarf is oversized, but at $23 it's a steal with really pretty stripes.

This scarf from Lands End is preppy and cute, and (purportedly) oversized! I like the plaid--it's fresh with the white background. $34

This one is a little more expensive, and I'd want to see it in person first, but doesn't wrapping yourself in cashmere sound like a dream in January? Just cozy, warm, and kind to your chapped face? This Nordstrom number is $135 (on sale!)

Do you have any go-to scarves in the winter? What's your take on the scarf / blanket? 


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